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Lakeside Market, previously known as Graves, Places, Clarks Clover, and many other past names has been in business since the mid 1800’s. It is the oldest operating store in the town of Waterboro.

The James Leavitt House in Waterboro is a mid-19th century Greek Revival home built of wooden weatherboard and resting on a granite foundation. Built in 1850 for wealthy merchant James Leavitt, the House is on the National Register of Historic Places and is now owned by the town of Waterboro, which operates the historic home as a museum know as the Taylor Frye Leavitt House.

The original builder of the Leavitt House, James Leavitt, moved to Waterboro Center with his family from nearby Alfred between 1830 and 1840, and entered into several lines of business, including buying and selling local produce in Portland and Boston, and operating a general store near his house.  

Parts of Leavitt's general store are located only a few thousand feet from its original location. In the 1900’s the store was placed on logs and drawn by horse to its current location where Lakeside Market sits currently. Leavitt also bought pre-cut fabric in Boston, which he pieced out to local women, who then assembled the fabric into men's suits, shirts and trousers, which Leavitt sold back to clothiers in Boston, often at a healthy mark-up. The women were given credits at Leavitt's store in return: the merchant's extensive records for these transactions are today maintained at the Leavitt House.

In 1999 Leo and Sandi Binette purchased Lakeside Market Inc. Leo, a resident of
Waterboro for 25 years and Sandi, a resident of Waterboro for 16 years, enjoy serving the local community.